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IRONWOOD Shapers feature robust construction, adjustable support fences, and easy-to-use controls for unbeatable performance.  With heavy-dust cast iron tables, fixed and tilting shapers with interchangeable toolholders and quick set up times, IRONWOOD shapers ensure maximum stability even in the most demanding cutting operations. 

Plug & Play Powerfeeders | Safe Operations | Versatile Cutting Operations
Description FX550 FX750 TS750
Motor 5.5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP
Spindle Capacity (under the nut) 152mm (6") 152mm (6") 152mm (6")
Vertical Spindle Stroke 180mm (7 1/16") 160mm (6.25") 180mm (7 1/16")
Spindle Rotation Forward/Reverse Forward/Reverse Forward/Reverse
Spindle Tilt Adjustment N/A N/A Handwheel
Spindle Tilt Direction N/A N/A Backwards
Spindle Tilt Range N/A N/A +10 to -45 Degrees
Max. Tool Diameter (Below Table) 180mm (7 1/16") 210mm (8.25") 310mm (12.25")
Max. Tool Diameter (Above Table) 225mm (8 7/8") 335mm (13 3/16") 360mm (14.25")
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