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With financing options from Stiles Leasing, you can move business forward while maintaining your financial reserves and cash flow.
Through Stiles Leasing, you can get your equipment up and running, generating income right away. Expect economic advantages over the lifetime of your quality Stiles equipment. More than half of new equipment is purchased through capital leases, which are eligible for some of the same tax benefits and depreciation value of purchases financed through bank loans.
We offer competitive rates, affordable fixed payments, flexible structuring, lower down payments and more financing options.

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Jeff Bates, Leasing Manager
p 616.698.7501 ext. 1207
Keene Fuller, Leasing Specialist
p 616.698.7501 ext. 1671

Nick Rusche, Leasing Specialist
p 616.698.7501 ext. 1261

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