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Powerfeeders (Track / Belt Feeders)

Powerfeeders (Track / Belt Feeders)
Powerfeeders (Track / Belt Feeders)
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Ironwood powerfeeders offer operators a safe and reliable way to feed materials, helping to improve safety and quality by providing consistent feed rates each and every time. With heavy duty motors and solid construction, our feeders are built to withstand even the toughest applications.

These powerfeeders are designed for plug and play integration with any IRONWOOD shaper, as well as other models.  Feeders are available in a variety of configurations to best suit each application.

All Ironwood Shapers come pre-drilled and tapped for simple powerfeeder integration.

  • Controls the workpiece before, during and after the cut
  • Increases operator comfort and reduces fatigue
  • Maintains consistent feed rate for the workpiece through the entire cutting operation
  • Provides constant pressure on the work piece against the shaper table bed and back fences to ensure repeatable shaping accuracy
  • Keeps operators hands clear of the cutting area
  • Reduces the risk and chance of kickbacks
  • Ensures positive pressure and appropriate control of work piece during conventional or climb cutting applications
Ironwood Model AP04
Number of Rollers N/A
Number of Speeds Four (4)
Rotation Fwd / Rev
Motor Horsepower 1 HP
Belt / Track Size & Type 44" x 0.5" 
Synthetic Rubber
Speeds (fpm) 13 / 26 / 33 / 66
Roller Suspension 3/4"
Distance between rollers 4-3/16" | 4-1/8" | 4" | 4-3/16"
Positioning Range 360°
Vertical Movement 9.875"
Horizontal Movement 18.125"
Max height of roller parallel to table 8.5"
Height with Handle 29.5"
Width 23.625"
Length with Handle & Arm 43.25
Net Weight (lbs.) 140
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